Tuition Fee Policy


 Atoha implements the tuition fee policy as follows:


  • Participants need to complete fee payment at least 03 (three) days in advance - from the date of class opening.
  • For international certification exam preparation classes, Atoha recommends that participants register at least 14 (fourteen) days in advance to have more time to read and study the materials.
  • Financial invoice will be provided within 07 (seven) days from the date of fee payment. Participants need to provide complete and accurate information to Atoha. After the above time, Atoha understands that participants have no need to issue invoices, and Atoha will not be responsible for additional cases later.


Atoha applies the policy of tuition reservation and class change support according to the current regulations as follows:

1. Participants who successfully register for the course are entitled to one-time reservation support for free when:

  • The number of lessons learned has not exceeded 30% of the total course
  • Full tuition has been completed
  • Participants can transfer to another course with a fee less than or equal to the paid tuition fee. For courses with higher tuition fees, participants need to pay the additional fee between the two courses.
  • Maximum retention period is 6 months.

2. Participants who have studied more than 30% of the lessons and want to register for a reservation:

  • The reservation fee is 10% of the total course value.
  • Maximum retention period is 6 months.

3. With the second reservation (on the same course) or more: The reservation fee is 30% of the total course value.

4. With 1000PMP program:

In case participants want to switch from 1000PMP to offline or online learning courses at Atoha:

  • First time transfer: support to transfer only 1 time (free) with both offline or online courses (choose 1 out of 2).
  • Participants will receive the full benefits of the class (offline or online), which means all benefits received from 1000PMP will cease.
  • With the 2nd class transfer of the same certificate (if any), Atoha supports a preferential tuition fee reduction of 55%/participant/course.

5. Participants who register and pay the fee but have not attended any sessions (classes have not started) will be supported to change to a new class (same type of certificate) provided that they notify Atoha 7 days before the opening date. In case, if participants want to change to another certificate, they will pay the difference fee (if any) between the two types of certificates.


Atoha does not apply any kind of tuition refund policy to participants who successfully register for a course at Atoha.


 Request form to reserve the course:

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Register for the course at:


If you have any unclear information or need further assistance, please contact Atoha Support Team for detailed instructions via hotline: +84 707 666 866 | Email:



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Frequently asked questions

"Yes. Atoha will issue a certificate of 35 contact hours at the end of the course (1 of 3 requirements for the international PMP certification exam). Atoha's contact hours are pre-approved because we are PMI ATP Premier."

"Learning materials can be in English or Vietnamese depending on the class. Atoha can train in both English or Vietnamese."

"Not included. You need to pay the exam fee directly to PMI in order to register for the exam, the reference exam fee is 555usd/non-member and 405usd/member. For more information, visit:"

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